Pick Your Term mortgage

Pick Your Term Mortgage

Have you ever purchased 8 hot dog buns for a 6-pack of hot dogs, wishing you could kindly place the other two buns back on the shelf?  Hey, we understand!  At Intercounty Mortgage Network, we know our clients often need their mortgages to be on flexible terms, too.

That’s why we created our Pick Your Term mortgage program: a personalized home loan experience that is easily customizable based on your unique needs and financial goals.

The Pick Your Term mortgage program is a more consumer-friendly option that allows you to choose  payment terms based on your goals!  Do you want to pay off your house before 30 years have gone by and keep a low payment and interest rate?  We’ve got that!  Whether it’s an 8-year loan or a 29-year loan,  we can work with you to find the best home loan options for your situation.

Pick Your Term Mortgage Calculator

A Customizable Mortgage

The idea of a customizable mortgage isn’t a new thing.  Say what?!  It’s true: much of the industry has been based on the  traditional 15-year and 30-year loans.  Naturally, it became widely accepted over time. We know we’re breaking the mold, but we’re not crazy: we just love helping our clients, and we’ll put together a plan that’s best for you!

The Pick Your Term mortgage program is revolutionary because it often eliminates the need for homeowners to take cash out of their homes for other bills.  Why not pay down your mortgage instead?  With our Pick Your Term mortgage program, it’s essentially a “cash-in” refinance to invest more money into your home instead of pulling out additional debt. Pay off your mortgage sooner, and free up your money for other things. We know… it’s amazing.

Is the Pick Your Own Term Mortgage Right for You?

All types of clients can benefit from the Pick Your Own Term mortgage, and you might too!  A client three years into a 30-year fixed mortgage might be interested in a refinance, but instead of going back into a 30-year, it makes more sense to do a 25- or 27-year home loan.  This loan option is flexible enough to match your term with major life events including retirement, paying for a child’s college tuition, or any need for a little extra money. It’s your mortgage your way!

Does This Home Loan Option Work With Your Financial Goals?

The Pick Your Term mortgage works best with your goals; we’re customizing it to be the perfect fit for you! If you’re looking to pay a specific amount,  minimize interest, and pay off your loan by a certain time – the Pick Your Term mortgage is your ideal home loan option. For more information on our Pick Your Term mortgage, please contact Anthony DiLeo at (732) 264-2700 x18 or [email protected]