Finance A Home With Only $100 Down

Finance A Home With Only $100 Down!

HUD (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) has announced a limited-time sales incentive program which allows qualified buyers to buy HUD homes with a down payment of only $100, as long as:

• The buyer will live in the property for at least one year (investors do not qualify for this incentive)
• The buyer offers the full asking price for the home, and
• The buyer uses an FHA loan for the purchase.

The $100 Down Program from HUD is designed to attract buyers to the market to move the overstock inventory. Some additional eligibility requirements:

  • The home purchased must be a HUD owned home.
  • Buyers must use a HUD-registered real estate broker or agent in order to get the incentive.
  • The property must be purchased “as-is.”
  • Cannot be combined with a Streamlined 203k or a 203b Repair Escrow transaction
  • The subject property must be located in an eligible area only.
  • HUD determines which areas are eligible .
  • Contract of Sale must acknowledge the $100 down program.
  • LTV is based on the borrower contributing $100 of sales price (appraised value must support sales price or higher).
  • If the appraised value is less than the sales price, the borrower will need to add the difference of the appraised value and the sales price to the original $100.00 to meet the required down payment.

For a list of HUD owned homes visit You will need to contact a local HUD Asset Management Contractor to determine if a property on the list is eligible for the program. The Asset Manager contact information will appear once you enter in a property address.

For more information  on how to finance a home with only $100 down, please contact Anthony DiLeo at (732) 264-2700 x18 or [email protected]