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Mortgage Modification: What Changes Can Be Made?

A mortgage modification is otherwise known as a loan modification. Fundamentally, what is involved is that your lender agrees to a change in the terms of your mortgage. The changes made are intended to make it easier for you to meet your repayment obligations and so avoid foreclosure. In many cases, modifying your mortgage repayment […]

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Mortgage Refinance and Modification: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between mortgage refinance and modification? Fundamentally, mortgage refinancing involves changing the terms of your mortgage to something more suitable for you. In effect, you pay off your existing mortgage loan and replace it with another with terms more favorable to you. Mortgage modification is a way of making the mortgage more […]

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Loan Modification: Basics of Mortgage Modifications

Loan modification is a process that enables those in danger of foreclosure to modify or rearrange their mortgage. Fundamentally, the purpose of mortgage modifications is to enable homeowners with payment difficulties to keep current with their repayments and retain ownership of their homes. There have been problems with these in the past, and many lenders […]

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