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Financing Closing Costs: Is it Worth it?

Financing closing costs might save you having to come up with a lot of cash, but is it worthwhile doing? Here we shall discuss closing costs and the pros and cons of financing them in full or in part. Closing costs include items such as loan-origination fees (0.5% – 1.5% of loan amount,) credit check fees, […]

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Home Purchase Basics: Down Payments and Closing Costs

When you make a down payment on a home it has a significant effect on most aspects of home purchase. Your real estate deposit is more important than you likely believe. Here are some factors that relate to the amount of mortgage down payment you make and the closing costs you may have to pay. […]

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Home Closing Basics

Everyone’s home search is different. Some buyers fall in love with the first home they see, and others have wish lists that are harder to satisfy. Buyers typically make their decisions based on location, size, finishes and features, and of course price. What most buyers don’t realize is that the process doesn’t end when you […]

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Recurring Closing Costs: Costs of Buying and Maintaining Your Home

When you purchase a home for the first time, there are some expenses to keep in mind that you may not be aware of that you are responsible for when you close on your home.  Closing costs typically total 3% to 6% of the purchase price of a home. The recurring closing costs outlined below […]

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What Are Closing Costs?

When you’re ready to purchase home, it’s necessary to have some cash assets ready to cover the expenses that cannot be added to your mortgage. A portion of these expenses that you’ll need to pay in cash are the closing costs. While many first time home buyers may expect from watching real estate shows that […]

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