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Mortgage Wrap for Week Ending March 30, 2012

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Mortgage Market Update March 30, 2012This week is seeing mortgage rates decrease a bit after a rise over the past few weeks. The overall theme this week is that the economic data that was released was good, but not great, which was a bit of a disappointment to the markets. This means that the lackluster data helped exert downward pressure on mortgage rates.

Weekly Economic Data Summary

Personal Income & Outlays Data: This week saw February’s Personal Income & Outlays report show a 0.2% increase in spending (lower than expectations) with a rise in spending of 0.8% (higher than expectations). These numbers indicate that American consumers spent more money while bringing home less money.

Consumer Sentiment Data: This morning saw the University of Michigan post their revised Consumer Sentiment Index for the month of March. The updated reading of 76.2 showed a significant increase from the preliminary reading of 74.3. This number is higher than the markets were expecting.

Jobless Claims: Unemployment claims fell this week to 359,000, a decrease of 5000 claims.

GDP / Gross Domestic Product: There were no surprises for Gross Domestic Product for the fourth quarter as it came in at 3.0%, as market watchers forecasted. This is the best GDP growth data that has been released in the last couple of years.

Where Are Mortgage Rates Now?

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